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Aap Ke Aastany Ki Kia Baat Hai by Hafiz Noor Sultan Siddiqui
Views: 100 Posted By: ahmadtrco
Date: 09:34 AM 29th Mar 2016
Video No: 4079 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Arabic Naats
Views: 15601 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 02:03 PM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 370 Category: 3.Naat Videos
English Naats
Views: 11119 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 02:04 PM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 371 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Muhammad Ali Zahori
Views: 6695 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 04:13 AM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 343 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Naat - Kuchh nahi Mangta ShahoN se yeh sheda tera (Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi)
Description: Naat - Zabardast/Magnificent
Views: 3631 Posted By: NaatOnline
Date: 07:14 PM 21st Mar 2015
Video No: 3912 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Naat, Manqabat and Kalam
Description: Beautifull Collection of Naats , Manqabat and Kalam in 45 mins Video
Views: 163 Posted By: Siraj
Date: 01:24 PM 16th Jan 2016
Video No: 4076 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Owais Raza Qadri
Views: 10947 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 04:04 AM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 338 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Qari Zubaid Rasool
Views: 6264 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 04:05 AM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 339 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Shabbir Ahmad Gondal
Views: 7320 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 04:10 AM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 341 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Shah e madina by chand malik
Description: Naat Shah-e-Madina recite a respectable naat Khuwan "Chand Malik" .Who have heart touching and attractive voice that attracts every Islamic followers.For the very first time introduce their beautiful naat Shah-e-Madina in english version for us.Please must listen this outstanding naat Shah-e-Madina .
Views: 342 Posted By: TALHA AHMED
Date: 01:37 PM 26th Oct 2015
Video No: 4069 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Shahe madina by chand malik
Description: Beautiful naat shahe madina by chand malik
Views: 2546 Posted By: TALHA AHMED
Date: 10:56 AM 02nd Oct 2015
Video No: 4038 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi
Views: 7133 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 04:06 AM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 340 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Views: 5928 Posted By: Anonymous
Date: 04:12 AM 23rd Oct 2009
Video No: 342 Category: 3.Naat Videos
Description: taigamedotkichchodienthoai47955
Views: 329 Posted By: XG
Date: 11:43 PM 11th Sep 2015
Video No: 4036 Category: 3.Naat Videos
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